~Welcome to Wilde! This site is semirealistic equine based off on the Wild West where horses roam. Overall, Wilde is a people friendly site where there are chances to meet new users who enjoy roleplaying their hooved furry pals. If you're interested, please register and create a bio! Any questions will be answered by the staff. Yeehaw!~


WILDE is a realistic equine rpg based off in the Wild West where creatures roam
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 Bio Template

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PostSubject: Bio Template    Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:54 pm






.::Desired Rank::.

.::Over All::.

.::Fur Texture::.

.::Fur Color::.













.::Other Distant Relatives::.

.::Past Crush(s)::.

.::Significant Other::.






.::Theme Song::.


.::Joining Clan / Pack::.







[b].::Desired Rank::.[/b]


[b].::Over All::.[/b]

[b].::Fur Texture::.[/b]

[b].::Fur Color::.[/b]















[b].::Other Distant Relatives::.[/b]

[b].::Past Crush(s)::.[/b]

[b].::Significant Other::.[/b]








[b].::Theme Song::.[/b]


[b].::Joining Clan / Pack::.[/b]

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Bio Template
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