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WILDE is a realistic equine rpg based off in the Wild West where creatures roam
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 Site Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Site Rules & Regulations   Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:18 pm




    Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ Rᴜʟᴇs

-Be kind to others as well yourself. I want this site to be friendly and welcoming to other users as well family friendly. I don't ask you to like everyone on here I only ask that you set aside your differences, for the better of good. If you break this rule you will be banned depending on what you did you could be gone for a limited time.

-Do not bully what-so-ever! We care for our members and would like you to not bully generally. Many deaths happen cause of bullying.

-Respect the staff at all times. If they say something to you, follow through. If you think its not fair then explain yourself and say why you think it's not. If you do this polite and they A) don't give a reason why/ignore you or B) don't have a good reason why then tell Kehlani whom will listen. Respect everyone in general no matter if your new or a senior on the site.

-Follow In My Paw Steps is a PG-13 rated site.

-If you are having a problem with another user and no mod or admin is around do not take care of it yourself, pm Kehlani or another Admin saying what they said and what happened. I want proof if you are consistently being disrespected by another member or if an argument breaks out of no where. To get proof, screenshot or copying the chat, etc I'll accept. I will give them a warning and if they don't stop right away give me or another admin a PM and they shall lose PM and chatbox privilege's or more depending on how sever the problem is.

-No admin or mod shall do things out of place or punish members for no reason. That is not how you prove your title for, you must play it fair or you will be demoted to a member or worse, banned  without warning. I shouldn't have to warn you for this for you should already know not to do it. Staff aren't choosed lightly, so respect your privileges.

-Do not swear! I don't wanna hear any of it, this means Fu** isn't allowed. We have younger ears and I will not allow it. Although, "Stupid, idiotic, dumb, idiot, damn, hell, & retarded" are allowed I don't want them to be directed to a member unless you know and they know you are playing around. If you don't know if this certain cuss word is allowed here ask Kehlani or any other Admin. This maybe altered when it comes to RolePlay.

-No being inappropriate or sending inappropriate pictures/images or links. Seriously I would't be the one wanting to see that nor should other users.

-Admins or mods can add onto the rules if they feel it is necessary.

-The sites plot-line and site is copyrighted to Kehlani. You may not alter anything from here unless you have Kehlani's or the creator's permission. Although if it says we did not create it then you may copy; otherwise I advise you ask us first. The source will be link able so the author gets credit.

-Do not submit art that isn't yours, you can submit art you colored or edited, but do not claim it as yours unless you drew it yourself. (For that will get you in trouble in the real world.) Make sure to credit the art owners if you know who they are.

-Please be active. If you are joining make sure you are active we don't want a join and quit person. By joining you showed interest and if you are confused please feel free and contact a staff member we will help you. By being active this forum will come to life and be a great place to RP on.

-If you join us please log in at least 2-3 times a week and post everyonce in a while to your topics or threads. You don't have to be on for hours just log in to check stuff out and log out.

-If your going to be away for a bit tell us in E.F.A so we don't think you left.

-Staff members need to be active! Or this place will fall apart, with school starting I understand that you got homework and after school activity's, but try to log in for check ups.

-Do not troll! This means spamming anything on our forum, chatbox, forums, pms etc. Its annoying and unacceptable.

-Do not give out personal information meaning no phone numbers, addresses, extra!

-After reading the rules please fill out your profile and character book if it hasn't been done already a staff member will ask you to fill it out.


-You get four (5) warnings so don't get into trouble.
The true first warning is a reminder then we'll get more serious.

First warning- You will receive a warning telling you to stop.

Second Warning- You will not be able to post or send pms/be in the cb. Depending on what you did will effect the servility of your punishment.

Third warning- you are banned for a few days or a week or two

Fourth warning- you are banned for good.
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Site Rules & Regulations
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