~Welcome to Wilde! This site is semirealistic equine based off on the Wild West where horses roam. Overall, Wilde is a people friendly site where there are chances to meet new users who enjoy roleplaying their hooved furry pals. If you're interested, please register and create a bio! Any questions will be answered by the staff. Yeehaw!~


WILDE is a realistic equine rpg based off in the Wild West where creatures roam
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 Wilde General Store

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PostSubject: Wilde General Store   Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:03 pm

Welcome to the General Store!

I see your interested in some of the items seen here, feel free to look around but please remember, if you break it you buy it!

Fertility Wand:
Twin Foals in mares is a rarity and it is even more rare that both foals will survive after being born. The fertility wand enables you to give birth to twin foals who will both survive.

Cost: 450 Horse shoes
In Stock: 5

Hetero Eyes:
This allows you to change the eye color of your character after it's creation- giving you the option to give it bi-colored eyes;
Ex: Blue+Green, Brown+Blue. etc.

Cost: 50 Horse shoes.
In Stock: 5

Rain Lily:
If eaten, the Rain Lily will allow you to instantly give birth to your offspring.

Cost: 400 Horse Shoes
In Stock: 5

Rose of Youth
If eaten, the Rose of youth can make your character a year+5months younger.
Please not this is irreversible and can only be used on a character once

Cost: 320 Horse Shoes.
In stock: 5 
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Wilde General Store
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